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Thread: Heat sink for custom blade holder help

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    Default Heat sink for custom blade holder help

    I'm relatively new to the saber making (smithing?) scene, as in first lightsaber, and I'm milling/ lathing a custom blade holder out of new aluminum. I've already ordered the parts for the saber, but seem to overlooked the technicalities of the heat sink. From all of the information I can find, the heat sink is made of 5 important parts, the led, lense, lense holder, copper disk and aluminum... Sleeve thing... My question is; is the aluminum part required to hold the whole assembly together? In which case I may need to Modify my blade holder plans.

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    Yes. The led and lens are placed inside the aluminum holder and the heat sink is screwed in to the holder.
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    Also if you use the internal view of the MHS builder you can see how everything fits together. The holder has a lip that locks into place in the female section, held in place by the male threads of the blade holder.

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    Thanks for the help!

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