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Thread: 2015 Hasbro Bladebuilders diagram

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    It's better than no sound, but not as good as a Plecter board (Nano Biscotte, Petit Crouton, etc.).
    We all have to start somewhere. The journey is all the more impressive by our humble beginnings. for the lazy man's resistor calculator! for getting resistor values the right way!

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    I figured as much. being new to this whole process, I figure I would start off cheap. I was looking into doing a pico crumble for my next venture. We shall see how this build goes....

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    Hey I'm new, but i figured out Bossman's problem. Solder according to the pictures on page three. In other words, have the 2 black wires coming from the neg port, and connect them to the neg on the LED and black on the battery. The single wire on the - LED should be connected to the TIP42. I had the same problem and had to troubleshoot.

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    I was able to pull the soundcard out of a cheapy and tape the black and red to my existing Ultrasaber battery. EITHER the sound OR the light work but not both. Questions: 1) How do I get both to work at the same time? Do i need a resister or some sort? 2) is there a way to combine the switches so I don't have to power on the light and the sound individually?

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    So I'm trying this for the first time using the Obi-Wan 2015 Bladebuilders soundboard (though it looks slightly different). I have run into what I'm guessing is a critical problem:


    As shown in the pic, the spot for the LED- looks like the metallic base on the soundboard no longer exists (shown by the red arrow, compared to the green examples that still have the metallic base). I was trying to remove the LED that was attached to it and it was being a major pain in the butt. When I finally was able to get it to come off, it seems like it may have ripped the metallic base of that spot in the process. If that is the case, is this soundboard basically unusable now?

    What do people do about the attached LED? Do you just clip it off instead of removing it at the solder joint?

    Also, in the diagram, it appears as though the Tip42 transistor has been connected to the soundboard directly. How is this done? Is it just a crude attachment with super glue or hot glue, or something more sophisticated?

    Thanks for any help.
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    I used hot glue to attach the tip 42

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    I need some help as well maybe i am wiring wrong tip 42g i have pin 1 black wire to board led neg. Pin 2 led module postive wire. Pin 3 i have board positve and battery positve wired.. led module negative and battery negative to board negative.. for av luminated switch i have a positibe wire connectedd to led module parallel and negative led module parallel to positve amd negative switch..but my green led module still dim..��

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    The board is still good just use a knife tip and scrap off the trail not hard just enough to get exposed the metallic trail than go to radio shack and get a conductor pen and retrace it.. board back to normal. I had this issue and it fixed it

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    Try this trick with out the transistor worked for me on the 2015 wire the led + to post one on the speaker pin and led negative to the speajer pin2 ..looks like the speaker pins privide enough power to handle both and give full brightness

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    I got mine to work accorsing to first page diagram.

    Thanks for this! Nice flicker with the speaker.


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