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Thread: Luke RotJ - PVC Scratch Build

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    Default Luke RotJ - PVC Scratch Build

    Starting with the completed image on this one:

    Background for this build was for a project that needed me to build several kid-proof sabers quickly and on a tight budget. Had the idea to build a modular clampbox with the soundboard stuffed inside a large PVC coupler and the battery pack acting as the activation box. This way, batteries could be changed without anyone poking at the more delicate electronics.

    That project actually fell through, but I managed to make use of the prototype when a family friend mentioned his son *really* wanted a Luke saber, and the modular soundbox seemed like a good way to go about it. Drew up some plans, mocking up Hero and V2 color schemes, and we went on building a PVC Hero Luke.

    Machined a number of expanded PVC rings for the ribs, neck, and emitter, along with a knob and vented endcap for the pommel.

    After the first coat of filler primer, the pommel was fitted with a tri-ring (in opposite orientation to prevent the battery box from digging into one's leg when the hilt is hung), the neck details were adjusted for comfort, and a few activation box details were machined from more expanded PVC and acrylic.

    Afterward was some paint experimentation that wound up in failure. Sanded the whole hilt down, and went to my usual start-with-a-dark-base, dry-brush-to-desired-color technique.

    Just an old Economy Soundboard with the standard Jedi soundfont. Tactile switch tucked away at the rear of the battery-pack/activation-box. Generic RGB LED with only the green wired. 3xAAA battery pack. Custom-machined blade plug insert. Sanded thinwall blade seated about 4" into the hilt. Not the brightest or loudest saber in the world, but this kid had the biggest smile on his face when he received it.

    Finished pictures below:

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    This looks fantastic! Well done!

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    That is sick awesome work. I really like it.

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    Nice! Great idea for the Battery Pack - Activation box!

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    The painting/weathering scheme is awsome! The removable battery pack is pretty cool too.

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    This looks amazing for a PVC build! Great work!

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    Very nice job.
    末末末末末末末末末末末末末末末末末末末末末末末末末 末末末末

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    Very cool idea for the batteries! Love how this turned out.

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    Wow, this is a really nice PVC build.
    Most impressed !

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