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Thread: 27mm speaker for V5 mount

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    Default 27mm speaker for V5 mount

    Just doing my research for my inner chassis and I'm seeing that the 28mm speaker takes a little bit of work to fit into the speaker mounts. Has anyone tried a 27mm speaker in these? I'd like to get the V5 mount to have at the bottom of my custom graflex chassis. Thanks for any info.

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    If you managed to find a 27mm speaker, it would probably be too loose and not stay in your speaker mount. The 28mm speakers fit nice and snugly so they won't fall out.

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    Thanks NanoRex. I actually have managed to find a 27mm speaker. The lightsaber sound business is very similar to the model train one Anyways, I'll go ahead and go with the 28 mm and get the V5 mount. Should be a good base to my chassis.


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