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Thread: Kylo Ren Saber Wiring

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    Question Kylo Ren Saber Wiring

    I'm very new to this. Can someone send a very simple diagram of how to wire a cross-guarded lightsaber like Kylo's? I will be using a Custom Tri-Cree LED for the main blade (with one white and two amber LEDs), a Nano Biscotte v3, and flash on clash capabilities. I'm thinking of using a couple of amber Cree XP-E2 copper novas for the cross-guard emitters. I know how to wire a saber with just the Tri-Cree, but I just need to know how to add the other LEDs into the circuit.
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    Hi tanner97. I'm interested in this too. I've been looking at the Petite Crouton V4 manual and it shows how to wire in conjunction with a power extender, but I think there should be an easier way to do this. I would think just connecting the two quillons to the main LED should do the trick. But I don't know if this would cause too much of a power draw to the sound card.

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    The process is quite different for the NB and PC. With the NB, you must wire the quillon LEDs in parallel with the main LED, and resistor them accordingly because you don't want them to be too bright.

    With the PC, wire the quillon LEDs to the second or third colour channel as shown in the manual, which will allow for staggered ignition.

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    Thank you NanoRex. Great info!

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