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Thread: Totally New Build Help

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    Hi there, I also want to modify my new Parks Sabers ANH Graflex. I have doubts about wiring a sound board, speaker and the Parks electronics, switches and so on.

    Any help? Does anyone have diagrams on how to simply add sound to a parks graflex while maintaining the ability to light the removable blade as it does by default?

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    CF is absolutely worth waiting for if you want SOUND.. and it does have a ton of options for customizing accent leds as well. but yes absolutely, if you have no interest in sound then dont buy a sound board. if u just want to flash some leds theres plenty of info out there on how to do that with a 555 timer or a transistor, cap, resistor. all of these options are potentially smaller than a CF. you can even just get flickering or flashing leds that dont require any other components. they work just like regular leds. if you want a pulsing/fading kinda thing or want to delay flashing leds for a simple pattern maybe try an RC circuit? im surprised more ppl dont add animated leds to stunt builds or even NB.. so many static crystal chambers ��

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    What electronics come inside Parks Sabers? I haven't been able to find any info on that. Posting information on that would help as you might need the board to keep the progressive ignition/retraction without using a CF-LS which are very rare.

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