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Thread: Where is the swing sensor on this econo board?

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    Default Where is the swing sensor on this econo board?


    I have dissasemble a bladebuilder Vador, and i want to upgrade to a double swing sensor but i have doubts about where is the original swing sensor ��image.jpg
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    Up please

    I know the green is the clash sensor, i assume the big black thing is the swing sensor but i dont understand why there are 3 legs/wires

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    Following since Id like to upgrade mine.

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    I'd have to agree that the big black sensor on the pad labelled "SW3" is very likely the motion sensor. It probably has three legs on it for one being a ground, and the other two being the positives for the ball bearing that is inside it to make contact with to achieve multiple swings. Again, just my guess.

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    Thank you
    That's what i was thinking but i needed a second opinion


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