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Thread: MHSv1 vs MHSv2 parts

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    Default MHSv1 vs MHSv2 parts

    Hi all,

    new to the scene and so trying to make sense of it all. I have a built in the mail but can't stop reading all about the sweet sabers of light .

    I think I get the main difference between MHSv1 and MHSv2, but still not completely clear.
    Basically it's diameter size, right?

    It would seem that v2 was made at a time electronics got smaller and therefor the hilt could be thinner/more 'elegant'. Nonetheless, MHSv1 never dissapeared. Now I'd think the 2 would exist next to eachother but there don't seem to be complete MHSv2 sets available. (no 'hilt' section under v2 in the shop)

    So my question is, don't people just stick with the v1 parts so they don't have to bother with the 'adapters', or are these builds common practice and practical? Or are these v2 hilts not made anymore for some reason?

    I really tried to search this answer on the forums, so I do apologize if this question was answered elsewhere.

    Thank you!

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    V2 is fairly new and with all the trouble keeping up with existing demand (movies, christmas, etc), Tim hasn't had too much extra time to design more V2 parts

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    Exactly what Cire Yeldarb said. I would say that one of the main reasons that people use the V1 parts is that the 1" ID of V2 makes it extremely difficult to fit much inside.
    As well, a "main body" section is not necessarily needed for a saber. Those are really just double female extensions with a switch hole in a standardized spot.

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