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Thread: RGB vs XXW?

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    Default RGB vs XXW?

    I like the mixing you can achieve with an RGB setup, but I'm wondering if the primary LED colors will be less bright because they're only one LED being used at a time (i.e., cyan would be two LEDs, blue and green, but just straight blue would only use one). And reading up on electrical theory and brightness in one LED vs two blew my mind. Anybody out there have a real world assessment on how the primary colors look in RGB?

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    Two LEDs of one color will of course be brighter (though not twice as bright mind you) than 1 LED of that color.

    The compromise of course is that you give up color mixing to go for more brightness of that one chosen color.

    You don't hear too many complaints regarding the brightness of a single Cree LED though, so its really up to which you would rather have: more color options, or a slightly brighter blade.

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    Like Cire said 2 will be brighter than one but just slightly however. I prefer the versatility of color mixing when using a board like a prizm, PC, or CF. But if I was doing a replica build say a graflex 2.0 I would stick with a BBW. Its all personal preference at the end of the day. If you are worried that a single die won't be bright I wouldn't worry the cree are very bright.

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    Thanks, good to know! I was worried about brightness, but if two doesn't actually double it, then I might as well go RGB. I've seen you can get four colors, with the fourth one being either white or amber. Got any counsel as what the difference there is?

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    Or if RGB is just as good?

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    Using an RGBA rather than an RGB mostly just opens the door for more yellowy options (as you might expect) as long as your build supports the 4th channel. But the larger problem is that you need a lens setup for 4 dice. You can source them but I'd say there are reasons people just stick with the triples. If you're big into yellow colors, I'd get an RGA instead of an RGB/RGrB.

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    If I go with RBG, how would I do a white FoC? Just blast all three LEDs during a lockup? I looked through the CF manual, but that part blew my mind too.

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    Yep. All 3 at once.

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    Thanks so much for the info, you guys. Gonna go with an RGB. Wish me luck...even though in my experience, there's no such thing. You know.


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