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    Talking Parts Availability

    Hey guys,

    I'm completely new to custom saber building but eager to get started. I was trying to buy some pieces here and have noticed that all the parts seem to be out of stock. Is this a usual occurrence? How often do parts become available?

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    there is massive demand right now due to the new movie so its hard to say how regular stock replenishment will be, just keep checking on things you need and grab what you can when you can.

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    That makes sense. Thank you for your reply. I have found enough pieces to put a basic hilt together. Can you give me a rundown of a basic wiring set up? This is my first build so I'm not trying to do anything crazy, I just don't know what battery pack to get, which buck puck, things of that nature. So just your standard saber wiring. I/m going to get the basic blade too.

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    If you're making a stunt saber, I suggest watching this video:

    If you're making a saber with sound, then this one:

    There's a ton of info and tutorial videos on this forum which will help you tremendously! I highly recommend you to check them all out!


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