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Thread: El Tape and Flat blades?

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    Default El Tape and Flat blades?

    Hello all! I'm looking to do a non-traditional build and was inspired by the Flat blade's I've seen spring up from time to time.

    I was wondering if it would be possible to construct a core for it out of El-Tape ( El wire's cousin for both sides) so that a blade made from one of these would be uniformly lit when put under durable, and hopefully, dual worthy plastic.

    Any commentary over the experience with this stuff would be appreciated!

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    Never working with EL-tape, the issue I see in "Dual Worthy" would be the mechanical strength of bonding the most likely 3 sheets of polycarbonate together. The three pieces being the front, back and the middle section that would be cut to surround the el-tape. Could be done in two pieces if you have access to a mill that could machine the el-tape pocket into one or both of the pieces. I really have reservations of a solvent or even sonic joint holding up to the abuse and required flex of dualing. My advice would be to get some flat polycarbonate sheet stock, polycarb specific solvent glue and make a trial blade before you invest in the el-tape. You're going to want to start with an IPS #40 or IPS #16 or equivalent solvent for the glue up. #40 will give the best results in terms of acular clarity but is harder to work with as it is a two part mix. Good Luck. You will also want to radius the edges of the blade very generously unless you want to draw real blood, or chip/scratch your mates round blades.

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