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Thread: Wolverine Saber Build....not to be confused with Exar Kun's Saber

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    Post Wolverine Saber Build....not to be confused with Exar Kun's Saber

    Fellow Jedi:
    I will build a light saber to the Light Side of the Force and to be an effective counter against sabers like Exar Kun's saber of choice.

    I will use the trapped spirit of Exar Kun within the crystal's structure, channeled by using the light side of the force.

    I have secured the whereabouts of this special crystal and will report the saber build should success be achieved in molding it to the Jedi's preferred choice of weaponry.

    Those with the Dark Side and the Sith need not pay attention.....Carry On........U will be dealt with!

    I have decided to start with some basic parts from this site and will update when appropriate.


    Wolverine Jedi

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    Welcome to the Forums.
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    Greetings and Salutations

    Here to begin the process of joining the two halves together as one. It may look crude now, be kind and give it some time.

    The Crystal chamber has been prepared and the forging has begun with the Blue plasma, bonding that Blue light known of Guardian Jedi.......

    however, this saber has been deemed the Wolverine and has two tales yet to tell.

    More to report as this journey begins to secure the trapped & embodied spirit crystal of Exar Kun..........

    These will be interesting times. Happy New Year and MTFBWY!

    Wolverine Jedi
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