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Thread: Brand New Saber Builder Here

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    Default Brand New Saber Builder Here

    Hey everyone, I'm new to the saber scene I recently purchased a park sabers graflex kit 2.0. I would love to add light and electronics to the new hilt. But unfortunately I've heard the hilt may be to small to fit sound Can anyone help me out by providing me a list of parts that could fulfill my wish to create my dream saber also with helpful tutorials of any sort? Thank you everyone, I greatly appreciate it

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    Hi there, welcome to the Forums!

    I've never handled one of Parks Graflex kits before, but I wouldn't think you should have much trouble converting it. And unless the inner diameter is super small, I don't see why wouldn't be able to utilize sound too.

    Your biggest challenge is going to be making sure you order a Bladeholder/Heatsink combo that will fit properly in that hilt, but if its accurate to a vintage Graflex's dimensions, the Graflex Blade Holder in the Store should work fine.

    Take a look at the other items in the Graflex section of the shop to help get you started, especially the chassis pieces (again, assuming Parks kit is faithful to actual Graflex Dimensions, otherwise you'll have to get creative!)

    Other than that, decide what sound module you want, and then read through its manual a few times. That will give you a much better idea of what components you will need to get this conversion done!

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    you first.

    post dimensions of the saber.. length.. ID (inner diameter)...etc..

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    Wow thanks Will the shop have all the parts or do I need to drive to a store and purchase some? And for the dimensions, unfortunately park sabers takes a bit to ship (so I've heard), but I will tell you guys the size and dimensions as soon I get it in, sorry if I sounded like I had it in, I have trouble in English

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    Parks' new kits can be tricky to convert if you want to use the ROTJ Luke style part that goes on the inside because those take up a ton of space. I know that Master Yoda on the FX-Saber forum is working on his kit for conversions, which are really really nice but will cost you a pretty penny. If you want to use the ROTJ Luke part (7/8" ID), you can find a 7/8" heat sink here. Not sure what the ID of the lower section is, but I'm sure it wouldn't be too hard to find parts in the shop to fit.

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    Is there any way or any parts to replace the ROTJ Luke part?

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    I also should mention that Darth Ryo (G.O.T.H. Custom Sabers) has a 3D-printable Graflex 2.0 chassis for sale on Shapeways here. The top half of the Parks Graflex 2.0 is a replica of a real graflex, so you should be able to use the conversion parts in the store or ones you find elsewhere instead of the ROTJ Luke part if you'd like.

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    What switch would I need?

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    Yugi, have you checked out the Graflex 2.0 thread on FX Sabers? I'm sure there are quite a few details and answers spread throughout that resource. It's called 2.0 for a reason, so it's very possible existing conversion kits etc may not be compatible.

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    Oh i never heard about that thread, thanks for the heads up

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