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Thread: Of course this is my First Post!

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    Default Of course this is my First Post!

    Oh yeah, its another one of those "Newbie here!" threads you all love so much!

    Long timer lurker, first time poster! I didn't think I'd sign up, but I changed my mind- theres just too much good info on this site!

    How it started:

    My friend and I both wanted to go in full costume for the -first time- for the release of VII. I improvised some cheap black cloth, bought a $15 black robe, and made myself an "Acolyte" outfit. For the cost, it looks great but is by no means up to par with most peoples costumes

    Then we got a little more interested in Sparring, and came across sparring-level Sabers. We thought it would be fun to grab two and duel outside the theater (With the managements permission!), but the price, wait time and the companies we were looking at in particular had some very sketchy wording regarding their warranty- it was enough for me to say "Look lets build some basic sparring sabers that glow, and go from there."

    So, we saw the movie opening night. Zero wait time. No lines. Sixteen people TOTAL in our auditorium. Great time, we may as well have had the theater to our self. I made two hilts, a Saber and a Shoto. Both are too small for electronics, but they were designed to pass through security in light of a few companies banning prop sabers. No one batted an eye, the Officer on duty even gave me a grin and a "Carry on" nod. They have since been retired, the Saber will be stripped for parts and the Shoto will remain as a functional bottle-opener and a memory of this event.

    I enjoyed it so much, that I had to have a saber to go with my robes, right? But I wasn't ready to drop $300+ for a saber with sound, or even more if I got a staff-saber like I want.

    But I'm hooked. I want to get a saber for my outfit, and go from there.

    So where I'm at:

    I'm trying making my first saber based on Jay-gon Jinn's PVC guide. Its simple, cost effective, and more importantly: It allows me to get a feel for sparring sabers before me and my friend invest in a quality saber with sound & all. In addition, Jay-gonn's guide lays out what you need. His guide is actually what inspired me to try and make my own saber. It was just what I wanted: How to make an introductory level sparring saber without having to pay through the nose for what costs as much as a new Kayak.. or two.

    I'll address this now: The "Jay-" in my name is not based off of Jay-gon's name, Jay was a nickname of mine. Its an older nickname, Sir, but it checks out.

    Finding all the parts on one site has proven difficult- I'd rather not do multiple orders and just get one order with express shipping.

    TCSS has the parts (Savor the Lux I, for now), but I am having trouble logging in to complete my order- I hope that I will be able to log in after this is posted.

    Its great to have found this forum, I hope to share my finished sabers and a few other guides for costumes at some point. I'll attempt to order my first part list tonight from TCSS- which will also be my first order from them.

    I look forward to getting to know everyone, and with some luck finding a group in my area! Hopefully I'll even have something to contribute to the site and the hobby.

    - Jay-mo

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    Welcome to the Forums.
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