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Thread: Star Fox Themed Lightsaber

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    Default Star Fox Themed Lightsaber

    Lylat System - Star Fox Themed Lightsaber

    I wasn't going to share this at first because I felt like this pales in comparison to all the more advanced stuff out there, but figured I might as well since I made this saber completely from parts bought at TCSS
    The only tool I used was a good old dremel. You can achieve many cool designs with just the parts from TCSS and a dremel!
    A big thank you to FJK and all those who answered my questions and helped me troubleshoot on the way to making this!

    That being said, I wanted my first build with a CF to have a crystal chamber, and when I saw blade holder style 3, it kinda reminded me of the tip of the barrel of a blaster carried by those from the Star Fox team. Thus, the color scheme and design was conceived. I took the color scheme from the Arwing fighters and attempted to make the design similar to the blasters carried by Fox McCloud and Falco Lombardi.


    All MHS parts
    Crystal Focus V7.5
    Tri Cree Red-Green-RoyalBlue
    18650 3.7V 3400mAh Battery Pack
    Premium 28mm Speaker
    Activation box style 19
    16mm Blue Ring AV Switch
    Crystal Chamber Crystal was the Acrylic Crystals pack from TCSS

    Only parts I got outside TCSS were coaxial cable connectors to hold the crystal, a 5mm RGB Common Cathode Diffused Lens LED, and the resistors for the crystal chamber LED



    Crystal Chamber Shots

    Thanks for looking!

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    I like it, it stands out of the crowd.

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    Good work!
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    Very Cool!

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    Very nice saber. What powder coat is that?

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    Thanks for the kind words everyone!

    Quote Originally Posted by sks1138 View Post
    Very nice saber. What powder coat is that?
    Two colors: wet white, and blue transparent

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    Very nice. I want to get me an all blue themed saber done so I might in the future. All trans blue hilt colors and regular blue color blade, not the royal. Use the boots to use the breaks! XD Was on a Star Fox spoof video my brother found. He'll love this one so I shared it on Facebook for him if that's cool =]
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    Cool concept and excellent execution! Love those colors!

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    Nice! Acrylic crystals are always out of stock when I check the store...

    EDIT: They're in stock!
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