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Thread: 3D-printed first saber

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    Quote Originally Posted by FenixFire View Post
    If that were the case you could buy 3-4 complete builds for the price of one metal-fdm hilt.
    Yeah, thats kind of what ive seen in price-pictures too.
    I know there are a lot of items missing on that list, but still, Before I get all the parts to Sweden (if I remember my old Estimates right) im hitting 300 USD, which would be way over my budget if I ordered Everything at once. Not to speak about customs and those other bits and pieces.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FenixFire View Post
    As a product designer with extensive experience in prototyping and 3d printing, coming up on 15 yrs. If the printer is one of the very low-end hobby built systems like most public maker spaces I have seen, I would not attempt a hilt or blade holder. I would only attempted them on something capable of 100 micron layers or better, both for resolution and an increase in strength from my own experiences. I would also stick to printers capable of running true ABS materials over the more common PLA based materials. PLA is biodegradable and will breakdown over time especially with the bacteria and oil transfer from your hands. I have designed several PLA based pens that use that bacteria transfer as the initial phase of decomposing the material. Keep in mind even the manufacturing quality Fortus machines you get roughly 75% of the ABS's shear strength in your parts; so design accordingly. If designing a non-dueling sabre go for it. if looking to actually full speed dual...I would say good-luck.
    Ok, thanks!


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