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Thread: First build log

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    Default First build log

    Hello all!
    I figured i would start this and get pics, logs and questions i have all in the same post.

    Here goes,

    I will be building my own parts; hilt sleeve, emiter sleeve, chassis and so on.

    Now these are the parts i will be buying:

    - Tri Cree G/G/W (heatsink ...)
    - CF7.5
    - Li-Ion 18650 recharge panasonic cell pack
    - Recharge port
    - Green accent 5mm LED
    - Switches
    - 28mm speaker (Premium or base)
    - Resistors (obviously)
    - Blade (with all the dressings)
    - Quick connectors
    - ...

    Now, the not so fun part (for you guys), i have questions.

    1- Tri Cree or Tri Luxeon? I tried reading on the subject to learn all i could but there is no comparisson chart or anything. Does the blade influence the LED we choose? Color?
    2- Do the Tri Cree and Luxeon come fully assembled with a casing? What is the size of the assembled LED? OD and height.
    3- For the CF7.5, do i need a clash and swing sensor or it is integrated in the board? What about the FoC? Integrated too?
    4- How many switches are required, 1 for on/off, 1 for font selection, 1 for programed sounds (blaster block sounds and such) anymore required? Which need to be momentary, latching?
    5- On the store section i saw a Canadian battery section, what gives? Are they the same? Some specs are missing, i need size to plan out my chassis. Also, on the CF description it says to use 2 Li-Ion 18650, those are double cells so do i need 2 packs or just the 1?
    6- How long must the blade holder be? 1.5 inch enough?
    7- Last question, for now, im thinking of doing a reverse speaker set up, now im wondering about the holes needed in order to vent (?) out the sound, size, quantity? Could not find any info on the subject.
    8- I lied, got one more question! Anyone ever tried puting in a rumble pack?

    That is pretty much it for now. Im still working on my design at the moment, trying to figure out the chassis and how it will all fit togeter.

    This is what i have so far, i will be working on a 3D rendering this week-end, i will post an update and pics of it once it is done.
    2015-12-09 12.09.29.jpg

    I must say that so far i am loving this project, im learning so much from reading all the posts and different tuts, this community is awesome!

    Got to work on my full reveal chassis's design today, i tried respecting the dimensions but i came to the conclusion that the hilt needs to be 2 inches longer so i will adjust it to work.
    So there it is, my full reveal chassis version 1.0.
    What do you think?

    2015-12-15 22.21.16.jpg

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    1. Tri-Crees are the better of the two nowadays.

    2. Only if you get the single LED premade version.

    3&4. Read the CF manual (repeatedly) you should. Answer most of your questions, it will.

    5. The "Canadian" batteries are the same.

    6. 2" is "normal".
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    If you're gonna do a CF build (or any sound build for that matter), do as FJK said and read the manual over and over before you even make a parts list. The triple-die LEDs do not come with a lens, holder, or heat sink, so you will have to order a lens and heat sink separately. You can also use the MHS heatsink module to hold your LED and lens (which has dimensions listed in the store). The Canadian battery pack section is for people like me who live in Canada, since li-ion packs cannot be shipped internationally. As well, many people have done rumble motors, which is one of the many things noted in the manual. The design looks cool, and I'm looking forward to seeing the build completed!

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    What about the cell pack? The description says its a 2 AA pack, do i need 2 packs or just the one?
    And for the speakers, does the size and qty of hole change much on loudness?

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    Your parts list says 18650 pack. Where are you seeing a description that says it's a AA pack?

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    Good question, i have been reading so much that i must have gotten info mixed up along the way. Nvm, i will keep reading, i think my brain is getting fried with all the info and new skills i have been develloping here.

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    Give it some time and things will fall into place inside your head.

    A Jedi uses the Force for knowledge and defense, never for attack.

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    Ok so i started working on my chassis design but got stuck within 5 minutes. What size is the 18650 canadian recharge pack/cell? Also, can anyone explain what the difference is between that one and the american version other than the 2600mah vs 3400mah? I have also been trying to figure out what the difference between a pack and a cell is.
    Lastly, am i right assuming that the 18650 is too big to have 2 of those side by side? I cant find chassis disks for 2 of those, i did find the disks for the 14500 double cell but looks like in Canada we cant buy the rechargeable version.
    By the looks of things im starting to think that the build im trying to put togeter is too complexe for me at this point. The more i read, the more questions i have. Grrrrŕrr

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    18650s are 18mm x 65mm. They're about .75" in diameter so there is no way to do them side by side.

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    The 18650 number is the battery size. The first two numbers are the diameter, measured in millimeters. The third and fourth numbers are the length, also measured in millimeters. The last number ( 0 ) just means the battery is cylindrical. So an 18650 is cylindrical, 18 millimeters in diameter, and 65 millimeters long. You still gotta add a few millimeters for the protection circuit (my 18650 is 2.75" long).

    A cell is a single battery, while a pack is two or more batteries (I think. Could be wrong). A side by side 18500/18650 pack is too wide to fit into MHS hilts.

    The mAh number is milliAmps per hour. The larger the number, the longer the runtime.


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