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Thread: running two protected cells in parallel each with a separate charge port?

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    Default running two protected cells in parallel each with a separate charge port?

    I've read through Azmaria Dei's Li-Ion Battery pack thread. This gave me an idea and is something I would like to try, but before I do I want to be absolutely certain things won't blow up. Would it be possible to wire two single cell Li-Ion 18650 (3.7V @ 2600mAh) PCB Protected Rechargeable Batteries in parallel to obtain 5200mAh @ 3.7V? Now here are the stipulations, each pack would be wired with its own recharge port to allow it to be charged while isolated from the other pack and to avoid uneven charging, and there would be a cut-off switch to separate the paralleled batteries from the board before charging each pack individually. I know it would take twice as long to charge the saber since you're charging each battery individually. Would wiring the batteries in this manner allow the batteries to run at 5200mAh @3.7v or will the PCBs cause issues while power is being drawn from the batteries?

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    So long as you keep them electrically isolated during the charging process, there shouldn't be an issue.

    It would be simpler to make the battery pack easily removable, and just carry a spare. But if you're up to the challenge of adding the extra wiring, recharge port, etc., then by all means give it a shot.
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