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Thread: Where best to mount speaker

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matthew_D_G View Post
    Many thanks Greenie, this just made my build a lot more complicated/interesting lol
    Oh yes, mine was proving to be a challenge, but a fun one. Now I have to decide, aesthetically, how to vent it

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    What if you used a small windowed extension just before the blade holder where the sound could escape from?

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    I'm looking at the graflex blade holder adapter in the store. It looks like it's got enough space to pipe sound up to about the emitter thanks to the two slots above the glass eye section. I think this idea could work on my vintage if I managed to design it properly.

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    I was having the same sort of debate, as a blade facing speaker seems more "realistic." Here's a progress shot of my first serious build (need to finish machining the actual dividing brass piece and some other details). My current debate is a blade facing speaker in the grip section facing the cloth wrapped portion. I can drill holes in the central hilt material that would be hidden by the cloth wrap, but may hurt the durability of the blade. I'm not sure it'll ever see any dramatic dueling, so I'm not sure I care.

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    Speaking from the point-of-view of someone who went to school of sound design. The two speaker approach shows alot of merit. Moving the pommel speaker further up the hilt will give much better resonance of the bass and be balanced out by the speaker in the emitter. Using the 2W 28mm bass speaker in the store will give you even more boom (This is especially useful if you're making a Sith saber). You would most definitely need to make sound holes at the emitter end, otherwise you'll just have a muddy mess.

    Also, you will need to play around with how far up the hilt you want your bass speaker depending on the sound your looking for. Think of it like balancing your stereo speakers.

    On a more technical note. Keep in mind making the sound hole(s) in the emitter end will create a weak point if you plan on dueling with this saber. Also, make sure the sound board you're using can handle running two speakers. Remember it's a matter of ohms, every speaker you tie in reduces the number of ohms by half. Not enough, and you will short out the whole thing.
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