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Thread: Any experts or anyone who has seen real props from the original trilogy.

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    Default Any experts or anyone who has seen real props from the original trilogy.

    So, I recently purchased, what someone told me was, a possible prop lightsaber hilt of Luke Skywalker's from Return Of The Jedi from the movies. Perhaps, an unused one from a man who claims the person he got it from worked in Hollywood and more specifically on the posters from one or more of the original movies. In what capacity I never asked.
    It is, however, missing the power box on the side. What is called the Graflex clamp.
    Everything else seems to be identical to some, not all, pictures of props that Ive seen from the movie Return Of The Jedi. It does appear as if multiple versions of Luke's lightsaber were made for that movie so I'm just not sure.
    It's 11 inches long and 4.75 inches at the handle where the Graflex clamp should be and about 6 inches around at the top, what would appear to be the part that is largest in circumference.
    There is no belt ring on it. There isn't even a hole to put one in so this is also suspect but, again, I know there were multiple versions made so I'm just not sure.
    Back in 1993, before the prequel trilogy and before, as far as I know, any companies like Master Replicas were making great replicas of the lightsaber hilts from the original trilogy I owned what I was told then was also a prop of the same lightsaber from ROTJ. This lightsaber did have a belt ring but also the tip where the blade would come out if it were real screwed in and out. This one seems to be just one solid piece.
    I know it gives instructions in the forum on how to upload pictures but my profile picture is a picture of the lightsaber hilt so anyone can just download that and take a look and tell me what you think. If anyone would like me to send more I can just do it through email or Facebook or something like that. Doesn't matter to me I'd just like to hear what people think.
    Also, I was thinking about just buying off of here and adding the Graflex Clamp myself from the replica that is sold on the site. If anyone can tell me if they've purchased this how it goes on and how durable it is, since it's just a replica, I'd really appreciate it. I mean, is it very delicate or can it survive a fall better than an iPhone.
    Basically, on a scale of iPhone to Nokia, where does it fit in and how close is it to the real Graflex Clamp that was used in the movie?
    I thank anyone who reads this for their time.

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    You might be better off asking this question over at the FX-Sabers forum.
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    Yeah, FX-Sabers forums would have more experts in the area, but you'll almost certainly need to post pics pf the prop you bought.

    In my experience, none of the props from "Return of the Jedi" used a Graflex clamp. The Vader saber in that film was a Graflex flash but they put a different clamp on it (a black one if I recall right). Luke, saber was custom machined for the movie.

    Good luck!
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    This thread may be of interest to you:

    At least one version of the prop had a graflex clamp. I think the only version that didn't was the machined prop used for the closeup shot on Endor. That prop was made and used specifically for that scene, the rest were recycled Obi-Wan ANH sabers.

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    What does "machined" and "greeblie" mean? I've heard the term "maxhined" but am not familiar with how it fits in with prop construction but I've never heard the term "greeblie" in my life.

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    Machined means it was made from scratch using raw materials on machines such as mills, lathes etc. Greebles are small detail pieces added to props to make them look more visually complex/interesting. The typically don't serve a functional purpose. An example would be bits and pieces from battle ship model kits used to create the surface of the Star Destroyers in the original films.

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    Luke's Version 2 Saber From ROTJ had a graflex clamp, it was used in a few of the scenes when they blow up jaba's sail barge
    here's a link to the photo of him holding it.


    The one you have, from what i can tell from you profile photo, should have a machined box that looks like the one from this link


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