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Thread: Sentinel's Ascension - PVC Saber w/ Sound

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kreyhn View Post
    No kidding; absolutely beautiful!

    Also, with your PVC shroud, what PVC are you using? I'm trying to find material with the best fit around MHC parts, but I can't quite get one that fits as well as I want it to.
    1.5" PVC sinktube slips over any 1" pipe. 1.25" Class200 pipe slips over sinktube and MHS parts.

    Quote Originally Posted by Venom Jedi View Post
    Wow!! This is amazing!! Please post a tutorial for the paint job :P
    In the middle of rebuilding this saber after the rear 1" thinwall body section snapped from a stray hit. I'll be sure to document the painting process this time around.

    Quote Originally Posted by girot View Post
    gorgeous work!
    Quote Originally Posted by CET View Post
    Well done!
    Thanks, guys!

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    I think you are qualified enough to do a paint tutorial. What do you guys think?

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    Most definitely qualified.

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