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Thread: Sentinel's Ascension - PVC Saber w/ Sound

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    Default Sentinel's Ascension - PVC Saber w/ Sound

    After getting involved in a game of Force and Destiny, I got to work drawing up plans for a custom lightsaber. My inspiration was one idea: "What sort of lightsaber would someone build if his only prior exposure was witnessing Vader strike down any who opposed the Empire?" Build requirements were thus (1) a slanted emitter, (2) a control box, and (3) black grips on a silvery body. After making dozens (if not hundreds) of variations, I finally settled on a set of schematics and started purchasing the required components.

    Front half is 1" sch40 PVC to hold the blade and LED module. Rear half is Class200 (thinwall) 1" PVC to make room for the 2010 Economy Vader soundboard. Lots of 1" fittings for detail, as well as 1.5" PVC sinktube for some shroud work. Activation Box machined from some expanded PVC. Build was originally powered by a single 18650 with a recharge port in the pommel. Those have since been stashed away for a future build, and the LED's been rewired to play nice with a 3xAAA battery pack.

    Heatsink, thumbscrew, and resistors sourced from TCSS. Everything else sourced from the hardware store, an electronics shop, and other random sources. RGB LED's been tuned to a decent yellow.

    Aaaand lit up with a 36" thinwall blade.

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    Excellent paint job. It doesn't even look like a PVC saber anymore.
    We all have to start somewhere. The journey is all the more impressive by our humble beginnings. for the lazy man's resistor calculator! for getting resistor values the right way!

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    Wow! It's PVC? Great concept, It looks so cool. Digging the yellow blade.
    Excellent wok

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    Really nice work! Great work on the paint job, especially.

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    Definitely agree with everyone else - the painting and weathering is awesome! Nice job!

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    I love it. All these great PVC sabers makes me want to take a swing at one again!

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    That is a beautiful saber. Great work! Definitely does not look like pvc.

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    Now that's the way to do a pvc saber. Great job.

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    I'm going to be at least getting the pieces needed for my pvc saber build this weekend hopefully =] Will be a curved one because I found the perfect curved piece to use. Emitter will be the basic flanged pvc piece but with the 4 little things smoothed off on the edges and the same mid bottom piece used on this one on mine as well near the pommel area. What end piece did you use by the way? Lowes still always has that basic end cap piece that's kinda big but I don't want that on my hilt this time around. I got me a blade from the Vault I'll probably end up using for my build but all electronics will be TCSS. Probably rebel red-orange color, hardly see that one used, standard 4 AAA battery set up and such and proper buck puck too
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    Color me impressed, that hilt is incredible.

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