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Thread: Recharge port and that pesky speaker mount

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    Default Recharge port and that pesky speaker mount

    I have a skilcraft recharge port sitting in a Brass MPS Insert Style 6 which is sitting in a MPS Pommel style 4 which is in front of a 2W 28mm bass speaker being held in by a MHS speaker mount V5. My question is this. For my current set up which I listed above, How do I go about running the wires from the recharge port past the speaker and mount to the battery that is on the other side? Do I Dremel a groove to run the wires? Drill a hole to glue in some tubing? This must have already been figured out because I have seen several builds with the recharge port in the pommel adjacent to the speaker. Any help is appreciated.

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    Yep, generally people carve some channels into the edge of the speaker holder to pass wires through.

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    What Miraluka said. I used a milling machine to cut a channel in one before and used hot glue to hold the wires in the channel.

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    Lol, I'm fresh out of milling machines you lucky duck. I do have a Dremel and a drill. Appreciate the info guys. Cheers

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    Is the V5 mount plastic or anodized aluminum? If it's plastic the mod for a wire passthrough should be extremely simple.

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    Definitely not anodized aluminum so you should be able to mod it for a wire to pass through without too much difficulty.

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    I believe they are made out of delrin..

    (so a softer, slippery type of 'plastic')


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