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    Okay so I just recently looked into building my own light-saber since I am a huge fan. I was just going to buy one but I want the experience of building my own.

    I am pretty crafty and I feel that I can build the hilt and blade pretty easily however, when it comes to electronics I have little to no experience.
    I saw this posting
    I see that it is from 2006. Does this still work? Or is there a new process?

    I don't want to worry about sound for now as this is just the first build I will be doing. If there are any other tutorials for basic electronic set ups I would greatly appreciate your assistance in finding them so that I may start one of my own.

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    Welcome to the Forums.

    The process is essentially the same, just some of the parts might have been "upgraded" through the years.
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    Welcome aboard!

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    Thank you for the welcomes!

    And okay cool. I've done some research and like the idea of the strip sabers. Is the wiring essentially the same for those?

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    For LED strips? I wouldn't say essentially the same. I mean most components are the same, but differ a lot when it comes to the LED strip vs Single LED

    I would read through the Crystal Focus LS Manual to get a good idea of things personally.

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    Thank you. I looked through there and there is some good information in there. I think for my first one I am going to stick with a single LED and just get a feel for the basics and then go from there.

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