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Thread: Philmore switch forward voltage?

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    Default Philmore switch forward voltage?


    I'm modding a saber and adding an Obi Wan Bladebuilders soundboard. I picked up a Philmore momentary switch for it and I'm trying to figure out the forward voltage and current to plug into the the calculator to see if a resistor is required - I do have a 150 ohm one handy as I was hoping to get a blue AV switch. I've posted the specs of the switch below - it looks like it can handle a lot of voltage but the operating voltage is 3v. Would I need a resistor in this case?

    It's being powered by a 4 AAA battery pack - will also be using a 5v regulator to the board.


    Thanks for all the knowledge on this forum, I've been reading a lot and it's very helpful.
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    From what I read, those sabers use 3xAA batteries. Why use 4xAA and a 5v regulator when you could just run with 3xAA and a dummy cell or wire? According to the info I was able to find on the switch, that LED actually runs at 2.0v-2.6v at 20mA. The resistor would depend on what voltage you end up going with and where it's being powered from (board, battery, etc).

    (4.5 - 2.6) / .02 = 95 = ~100ohm resistor.

    Here's my favorite calculator:

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    I'm actually using another LED, hence why the 6v. That's just the info I needed though! Using the same calculator you linked. Thanks!


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