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Thread: chassis foul up

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    I had Tim modify one of the disks in the recharge port holder, adding in a second set of holes that lined up with the set in the NB disks sized for the smaller diameter of the ribbed section. It ends up slightly rotated, but it worked.

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    Hey madcow!

    Yeah I'm making notes on this with my first build and pli clearances etc. Good fun.

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    That's what I figured. It's ok. Easy enough to do. Just was hoping for a prepaid solution. Time to break out the drill press. Unless Forgetful Jedi Knight has a new idea.

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    No, modding chassis disks or replacing the ribbed section was going to be what I told you too, but Madcow beat me to it.
    Also, that switch placement looks a little iffy to me.
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