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Thread: First Build Completed: Grey Relic

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    Default First Build Completed: Grey Relic

    Here is my first build, and I call it Grey Relic.

    MHS Hilt

    The blade is a mix of Amber and Red/Orange CREE with a Green FOC die that makes the FOC yellow.

    I did the weathering and shatter pattern myself using a dremel engraver bit, then hit everything with heavy aluminum black. I removed most of the AB after it dried. The brass was aged with ammonia fumes. I like the adding of the brass bits a lot, and I'm glad I sprung for them.

    I have a 34" Corbin blade for it, and I have a 32" unstable blade from Ripper Blades on order.

    Getting all the wiring in there was not pretty, but it all fit and she's functional. The bass speaker works very well with the dark meat font, and adds a nice rumble.

    Huge thanks to everyone who answered questions and posted tutorials!!!

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    Good work!!
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    Everything about this is awesome! Love the weathering, love the damage. Excellent work Darth Nurse, it's a shame you missed the comp, cos this gets my vote

    Beautifully photographed as well

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    It's great to see this finished - the weathering and damage came out perfectly! Congrats!!

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    Very nicely done. The scarring is sweet and really makes the entire piece.

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    The weathering is fantastic! And you're right, the brass totally makes it pop.

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    Very nice. I like this one =]
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    nice work.

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    That shatter effect! Swell work there!

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    Great work on your saber! I really like the brass.


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