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Thread: MHS Builder v3 help

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    Default MHS Builder v3 help

    is it just me with a lack of ability with this thing or does the v3 of the MHS builder have less functionality than the previous versions? I can only rotate the pieces a few ways, the powder coating option is just solid or none...

    I was hoping to use this to start my first saber build but the customization seems to kinda...well..suck...or is it just me who is incompetent

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    the 'v3' means nothing really... and in fact is not new. (I dont think any code changes have been done for a while)..

    I'm not sure what you mean about rotating the pieces? (you could always, only rotate it 90 degrees each time)..

    I know the powered coating works, however you are correct it does look like its only showing solid color options.

    either the XML file got fubar'd for the source/pc data.. or it was removed purposely. (I cant comment on it either way unfortunately)

    update: actually after taking a 'peek'..

    It does in fact look like the custom PC options have been removed by design. (not an app error)

    So outside of the missing CUSTOM PC options.. everything looks like its working as it should.

    What other customization are you missing? that makes it 'suck'?

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    Powder coating is only being offered solid, so that is perhaps why you can only configure that way in the builder.

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    My .02 - its a pretty solid representation of your base options. Customization and creativity are inside your head.

    I'm sorta just dreaming here, but I'll throw it out there.

    A MHS Chassis Builder would be very helpful, for dimensioning purposes. Give you an idea of how things are gonna fit in a hilt...
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    yeah that makes sense,.. the store is no longer offer custom powder coating, so make sense it was removed from the builder, so you dont add it to store/cart using the builder.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xl97 View Post

    yeah that makes sense,.. the store is no longer offer custom powder coating, so make sense it was removed from the builder, so you dont add it to store/cart using the builder.
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    of course you do...
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    A chassis builder is fraught with difficulty. Using a standard speaker holder would work. Using TCSS spacers, acrylic disks, TCSS batteries and Plecter boards then perhaps a standard chassis could be provided as a guide, but it wouldn't take much to upset this.

    If you want to adjust this to accommodate a switch placement or a choke it all gets a lot harder to model. "Typical" chassis examples could be provided. But it'll be key to ensure users don't assume that's the only way to do it. I can see why this isn't a solution offered yet.

    Perhaps also a toggle to the new style heat sink.

    Using a custom chassis, the space left around components depends on many things. 3D printing options have a variety of detail constraints depending on the material used. Crystal chambers are as long as a piece of string.

    If you're not expert in a CAD software you can still do a half decent mockup to test part fitting by making shapes to scale in Powerpoint... even stick them on the internal image produced by the existing MHS Builder.

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    Im certainly no expert when it comes to software Askew, I usually end up having someone like yourself tell me how off-base I am! I have one cheap CAD program that I've never really begun to understand. About the only thing I'd lay claim to being proficient in would be MS Paint, I use it to whip up wiring schematics for folks at my job.

    You make sense though, it wouldn't take many variables to make it a nightmare.

    I honestly never thought of PP. Or for that matter even investigated if there is scaleability in MSP. Besides, as the saying goes if it were easy everybody would be doing it...

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    Just use 123D Design from Autodesk. I have used it to create my own personal 3D MHS builder. Wouldn't be to hare to render all the chassis parts and make it so you could play around with different designs.

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