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Thread: First time builder needing help

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    Default First time builder needing help

    So I've been following the lightsaber build guide for noobs by Lord Dottore Matto and I am not sure if I got the right stuff and I wanted to be sure before I ordered them.

    The things I've got in my basket are:
    Hilt style 2-Machine 16mm AV switch hole
    MHSV2 Blade Holder Style 1
    Rebel Star LED & MHSV1 Heatsink Module-Luxeon Rebel Star (Deep Red)
    Star thermal tape pad
    Pommel style 3
    LED "Corbin style" Show blade 1" OD (36 inches)-Double Wrap-Bullet Shaped
    1/8" Adhesive lined heatshrink tubing
    16mm Anti Vandal Latching Red Ring Switch

    If anyone could help me it would be appreciated.

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    You might want to swap that MHSv2 blade holder for a MHSv1 blade holder. The v2 and v1 parts are not compatible unless you get an adapter, and all your other parts appear to be v1.

    I see no batteries or battery holders. If you have those already, that's fine.

    The star thermal tape pad is already included in the Rebel LED & heatsink module, so it's not necessary to get another.

    You're going to need a resistor for your main LED, and a resistor for the 16mm AV switch LED. The DynaOhm resistor will work fine for the AV switch, but you'll need to calculate the value for your main LED.
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    I'd recommend getting some 1/16" heat shrink as well. There isn't a lot of room between the legs on those latching AV switches. It can be done with 1/8" but it'll be easier/cleaner with 1/16". I usually use 1/16" most things anyways unless I'm joining multiple wires and need the extra space.

    Also, latching switches are too long to fit in the body of the saber unless you use a bezel or an activation box.

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