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Thread: Hasbro "Blade Builder" Tear-Down Guide

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    Just ordered mine aswell, Is there anything i have to do different for the wiring if im using an LED string blade?

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    this has been the most frustrating wiring job ive dealt with...I need help lol...So i wired my board using this diagram and my momentary switch will not power on the board!? i tried a bunch of different combinations also my leds are soooo dim wtf! help pleeeaasssseee


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    I used this schematic on my last build. I used a Blade Builder sound board and it came out pretty nice.

    I would check to make sure you've got the correct type of PNP transistor, and recheck your wiring to make sure everything is routed correctly. I know that I had to recheck the diagram several times because it is a bit of an unusual set up.

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    I have not built mine yet, but if you are using a string of leds instead of a luxeon or cree, that could be your problem. if the string is from another toy saber, it should mostly work, but if you strung together your own (parallel or series) or bought one of those pre-strung sets, you probably need more voltage. most pre-strung sets require 12v.
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    Question: What are the dimensions of this board? Has there finally been a consensus on how many ohms the speaker is, on another thread I saw a guy say it was 8 and no resistor was needed.

    I want to fit it in a 7/8" ID chamber is this even possible?

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    Dang, so close. Not worth messing with the hilt just to fit a hasbro cheap-o board.
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    Thanks, it was worth a shot.

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    just got 4 bladebuilders to strip for the sound boards the light sabers turn on ok but you get the clash sound when you swing it and led flashes (foc) and the motion swing sound when you hit it no led flash
    stripped one apart any way sound board unlike any I have seen before myself or on this forum ...............any advice...20160209_233834 (800x450).jpg20160209_234309 (800x450).jpg do I have a fake the saber came apart as mormal but very easy little if any glue plastic hilt not as solid feeling as older models but this is my first experience of the bladebuilder ones. here are two pictures of the sound board hope someone can help


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