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Thread: Translucent Brass or Copper Examples?

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    I don't have all my parts yet, but I'm planning on using a product called rub 'n buff to apply 3 different colors: Autumn Gold (looks like rose gold) Ruby (rich red metallic) and Spanish Copper (looks like the dark chocolate copper, similar to oiled brass). I've seen it used on wood and plastic. It is amazing the way it can turn a nerf gun into steampunk.

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    I looked up rub n buff and it says that it's wax based. Would that come off with use?

    Edit: From an Amazon review

    I used this to detail a prop pistol from the video game Halo.

    Clean the surface well, or it won't bond well.

    You don't need to be generous with this stuff, a little goes a LONG way.

    rub it on, let it dry for an hour.

    Buff the shine how you want it.

    WAIT. WAIT FOR DAYS. DO NOT HANDEL. If you do, you'll notice that the wax will rub off. I got it to not rub off on my pistol after letting it sit in a cool, air conditioned environment for 7 days.


    It's been several months since using the product on my prop and its holding up well. The prop went through a few conventions and sweaty hands but has shown no signs of coming off. The material it was bonded to is plastic, smooth cast 300 to be precise. It's worked great. My main suggestions are again, clean the surface, let it dry completely and apply this stuff and work it how you want it. Then, you have to fight the urge to touch, handle, or monkey with it. Seriously, patience is a virtue.
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    Other suggestions I've seen for using this is to dilute it (it comes in a tube, so I'm assuming it is somewhat paste like) and use a brush to paint it on. Also consider putting a sealer on after it is all set and dry.

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    Had my first battle with rub n buff. It was difficult to apply to the polished aluminum, but I did get a fairly decent copper coating. It looked a bit like a satin finish. I tried to add a darker Spanish Copper to the grooves on my extension and it just wasn't happening. Pulled out the mineral spirits and cleaned everything off. Still trying to determine what my next step will be.

    Update. Next Step appears to be using SurfinChemical to put a patina on the aluminum. I'll mask off the insides of the pieces that have been drilled for switches and mask off the entire outside of the hilt, extension, choke, and tonfa grip. Rubber stoppers will plug up the ends and provide a handle because the dry patina is somewhat easy to brush off when handled. Then I'll take an exacto knife and slit open the grooves on the hilt, grip, extension and choke. A nice 45 Second dunk in the Alukot should leave me with a nice dark patina on the rings, grooves, and other recessed areas. Quickly peel off the outer masking tape and dunk again for 15 seconds should give me a nice bronze finish on all the raised surfaces.

    This could take a while to complete as it is taking forever to get the obi-wan extension-choke.
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