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Thread: Translucent Brass or Copper Examples?

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    Default Translucent Brass or Copper Examples?

    Does anybody have Translucent Brass or Transparent Copper pics?

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    That's an elegant looking 'weapon'. Nice pc, I like

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    Thanks -
    They look great : ) I think I might be sold on brass ; )

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    Thanks Greenie

    The lines on the bottom were smoothed with sand blasting before the coating was put on, and it looks pretty good in my opinion. It isn't smooth like the rest of the coated area. I know the pictures aren't the best, but I'd say the shiniest part is a touch brighter than the normal colour you see when holding it. Do you want me to get more pictures tonight? Those were the ones I had on my phone.

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    If you haven't already shown it here, hell yes! We all like to see what people are building

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    Does the translucent brass powder coat match real brass, like the brass switches?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JediCarpet View Post
    Do you want me to get more pictures tonight? Those were the ones I had on my phone.
    Totally. Always happy to see photos of various powder coatings. I actually have a saber on order with a custom powdercoating job, it's killing me, wondering what it's going to look like.

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    Two more...I put my brass-insert pommel beside the powder coating for comparison. It's close, but real brass is a richer, slightly darker colour.WIN_20150918_09_12_20_Pro.jpg

    This one shows the handle a bit better: WIN_20150918_09_09_21_Pro.jpg

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    Thanks for the pics They are all great


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