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Thread: Oddly specific cram-fu question

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    Default Oddly specific cram-fu question

    Planning to mount a style 5 activation box on one side of an MHS ribbed extension, and a style 16 activation box on the other side of it. Want to put a short 16mm AV switch/accent LED/recharge port in the style 5, and an aux switch/RICE port in the style 16. Anybody know if that setup is possible? Don't have the pieces here in front of me to measure, and there's no ID listed on the ribbed extension. Thanks in advance for info.
    Also, I know the style 5 doesn't take an LED. My plan is to get the aux switch hole embiggened to hold the LED.

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    Ribbed sections have a 1.15" ID.

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    Thanks! I oughtta be able to get some calculations done now!


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