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Thread: Tri-cree fits heat sink v3? Accent led = aux switch?

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    Default Tri-cree fits heat sink v3? Accent led = aux switch?

    Hello all. Long-time reader, first-time poster. Glad to join this fun community!
    Planning a saber (as we all are, I imagine, ha ha) and have two questions I couldn't find answers to on the forum. First one is, will a Custom Tri-Cree fit Heat Sink v3? I can't imagine it wouldn't, but in the description it says "for use with rebels," and the way my life works, as soon as I order those two parts and DON'T ask, they won't work. So sorry if that's a silly question.
    Other question is, does anyone know if an accent LED would fit in the activation box hole meant for a black/red momentary aux switch? Might have more cram-fu choices if those are interchangeable, but I couldn't find dimensions for both.
    Thanks for reading and/or answering, and MTFBWY.


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    I haven't worked with accent LED's, but I can tell you that a custom Tri-Cree will fit in Heat Sink v3

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    These: will not fit in the holes meant for the type 20/21 red/black momentary switches. You'd need to have the hole enlarged to accomodate the LED. shows the measurements if you want to do it yourself. Otherwise, you could ask Tim to modify the part for you.
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    Thanks for the quick response, guys!


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