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Thread: Parts List, Lightsaber 1

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    Default Parts List, Lightsaber 1

    Looking forward to order these parts for my first Lightsaber, and are just wondering if I have missed something? Plans are too split the project in 3 different orders too make it work with my economy, and therefore its in 3 different groups here in this post. If possible, I would LOVE to get rid of the 1.2" Double Female extention since it builds on the saber too much.

    LED "Corbin style" Show blade 1" OD (40 inches)
    Covertec Clip
    Copper machined button for covertec clip

    Ribbed grooved / Choke Combo
    Activation box style 5
    MHSV1 Blade Holder Style 17
    Hilt Style 5 (7" Fluted double female threaded connector)
    MPS Insert style 1
    MPS Pommel style 3 v2
    MWS Long Latching 16mm AV Switch - Nickel
    1.2" Double Female

    MWS Short Momentary 16mm AV Switch - Nickel
    MWS Pre-Wired Nano Biscotte Sound Module V2
    Panasonic Li-Ion 18650 3.7V 3400mAh PCB Protected Rechargeable Battery
    MHS speaker mount V6 - For 28mm Speakers
    2W 28mm Bass Speaker
    Switchcraft 2.1mm Power Jack
    Green LED indicator

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    I'm not sure what this is intended to look like. Combining your choke combo, blade holder, 7" hilt and pommel, I don't see any place for the double female adapter. Even without it, the saber is over 15" long (viewed in the MHS Builder).

    I'm not sure why you have both a short and long 16mm switch. Or why one is latching, the other is momentary. I can see one momentary switch being used with the Nano Biscotte board. Perhaps you can describe the setup more?

    Your power jack will go in the activation box. It looks like That sits on the outside of the 7" hilt. But you might also want to request additional holes for the LED and recharge port, and/or the screw that holds it all on.
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    Lightsaber Mod 4.jpg
    That is the answer for the first question. As I have seen it the Double female was needed to get all the pieces to fit together the way that I wanted it to do.

    The double switches was a messup from my part, that I'll be correcting ASAP. And it is the momentary switch that I plan to use.

    Power jack, (momentary) switch and LED indicator WILL fit in the box, and, since I live in Sweden I'll be drilling the holes by myself, and use mm-threaded screws, therefore not adding any extra drill and threading services.

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    Ahah. The double-female makes sense now. You have something like a double-male-with-slots that is not on your list. So it is about 18" long which is unusually long.

    Nice 3D model. I don't see any short cut to keeping all the features you have. For myself, I'd sacrifice / shorten the 7" hilt but that means flutes under your activation box, losing the flutes or exploring the possibility of getting custom flutes. Although that might be a chance to get flutes that line up with the slots it also places the choke closer to the middle of the saber (different visual balance).

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    Yeah, it is corrected in the wish-list. Thanks.
    The parts isnt ordered yet so its still possible for me to modify the saber even more. The length is my biggest issue with the parts that I have in mind, but I do hope to get some sort of solution for that in this thread or simular threads.

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    The V6 speaker mount doesn't work with the pre-wired nano biscotte. You can use the MWS nano biscotte header and wiring harness. Find Madcow's videos on Youtube: wiring a basic saber with sound parts 1 and 2. They will be under the TCSS thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Generic Jedi View Post
    The V6 speaker mount doesn't work with the pre-wired nano biscotte. You can use the MWS nano biscotte header and wiring harness. Find Madcow's videos on Youtube: wiring a basic saber with sound parts 1 and 2. They will be under the TCSS thread.
    Oh, that was new information for me that it didnt fit with that mount. I've found those videos, and seen them once already, so that shouldnt be any problems for me to solve . But thanks for the heads up Generic Jedi!
    Do I need a batteryholder for that pack that are in the list?
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    18650 single cell holder. Find it in the Batteries and Packs section under Holders. You can also find a link to it on the V6 speaker mount page.
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    Is there anything I can do to make it shorter with the main pieces I've chosen?

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    About the only thing I can think of is to replace the main body piece with a shorter extension (fluted, if the flutes are important) like this:
    That's using the 3" fluted double female extension. You'd have to pick a different switch box, though, or use the 4" extension, which brings your build length up to 15.06", but that's still 3" shorter than your current design.


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