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Thread: Custom Saber, Drawn in Solid Works

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    Quote Originally Posted by sgcdialler View Post
    Unfortunately with the pieces you're wanting to use that F2F adapter is going to be a necessary "evil". You would have to remove the crystal chamber piece to be able to get rid of that adapter (like in your second mockup). That fourth mockup is interesting, with the choke turned "upside down" like that. It's intriguing to me in that it looks good and is unique.
    It does, doesnt it? its one of the more promising mockups as of yet with my choise of pieces. And since I only plan to make one single saber (I'm not the biggest geek there is in this matter) I want to make sure that I got the best bang for the buck .

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    Quote Originally Posted by samthe0ne View Post
    ... I only plan to make one single saber ...
    This is how it always begins. But then you realize you need a friend with a saber if you want to duel. We all want to duel. None of your friends have sabers, so you return to the drawing board...

    And then you have a wall full of sabers.
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    Hehe you're not wrong Serpent! I've got half a dozen different designs on my whiteboard right now, and two builds in the shop!

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    Well, Since I've already have made 3 different sabers before (worked in a metal-industry before) I got some duel-friendly hilts already and just need one more. However, if my brother further on wants a good saber instead of borrowing my hilts I'm happy to help him build one
    Redigering 2.jpg
    Redigering 1.jpg
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    "Make one saber they won't get addicted they said"

    Yeah that pretty much sums up me and sabers at the moment...I hate myself for blowing all my money but I love building these things. Planning out my next saber as I write this
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    A little bit simplier mockup, but still in the right length for my taste
    Lightsaber Mod 5.jpg

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    Nice. For some reason I can see this powering on and the light just flaring through those windows but in a red blade for some odd reason :P
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