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Thread: Does the graflex clamp fit regular MHS parts?

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    Default Does the graflex clamp fit regular MHS parts?

    Hey all, I've always loved the look of the graflex box, and I was just wondering if it fits regular MHS diameter parts.

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    Not exactly. You may have to use some sinktube, or MHS shroud material as sort of a shim.

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    So it's bigger in diameter?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nathanielreykun View Post
    So it's bigger in diameter?
    Yes, it is.

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    I'm also interested in this part to make a saber. Because Box Style 7 seems to be gone forever

    But as a pathological planner, I would like to know what kind of sinktube to use to be sure in advance what I will need to mount the Graflex Clamp onto a standard HMS part.
    Is it possible to get the exact mesurements of the part (Inner diameter of the clamp and outer diameter of a basic HMS 2" female connector) ?

    This because I'm afraid of using tape to finish my saber look

    Best wishes to all of you!


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    There's always the Replica MPP Clamp, if it ever comes back in stock. That's what I was told is the replacement for box 7.

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    Oh! Good point!

    Must be painted chrome but I happy to see that!

    Thanks a lot for the note, RLobrecht!

    Best regards,


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    You're welcome.


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