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Thread: Boot sound but no light or sound with newly installed sound font

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarthMace View Post
    Where did you get your batteries? Also, are they individually protected, or do you have a single protection PCB for both?

    I purchased this on Amazon I think. Or it may have been ebay. Yes, the battery is protected. I had hoped to find something brand named but nothing came up and since I'm in the UK I couldn't order my battery from TCSS. Do you think these batteries could be dodgy or something?

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    I did a bit of research on these batteries and it seems they are likely to be full of s**t rather than actual power. Some tests revealed much lower capacities than advertised with some consumers reporting batteries that simply didn't charge. So I've wasted a bit of money here if in fact these batteries aren't doing what they say they will, and since the batteries aren't trustworthy I don't feel I can trust the charger I just bought either since it is the same brand. Soooo, I did some more research and found XTAR batteries which were well reviewed both on Amazon, budgetlightforum and candlepower forum which can be found here: These are 3400mAh capacity so I will wait for these to arrive before I do anything else.

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    I'm pretty sure you've tried this but I'll ask any way, did you reset all your values back to the original settings. Basically do a factory reset and start over? If not try and up your I parameter again and tweak your gap between hs and lc. If it is a bad battery and you have a multimeter test the battery to see what it is saying at full charge. That may give you an indication of weather or not the PCB in the battery is dying or not.
    My last idea is board placement in the hilt. Too close to the emitter, a board can do weird stuff. Too close to the pommel, well that's usually the place to be. Just throwing down ideas.

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    Once I get my new batteries I will factory reset and start over like you suggest. Thanks for the help.


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