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Thread: First (ish) PVC Saber Build

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    Default First (ish) PVC Saber Build

    After a couple of false starts, I finished my first PVC saber. It's a simple dueling saber, with a 3W Lux Blue Rebel running off 4AA. I wanted to see if I could engrave into PVC, then touched up the area with brass model paint to improve the look a bit. The rest is painted Rustoleum Antique Brass, Black, and Brushed Nickel. To keep with the Celtic knot, I've dubbed it Boudica, after the first century Celtic queen who came very close to driving the Romans out of Britain.

    Special thanks to Silver Serpent, BZWingZero, Thalan the Exiled, and Jay-Gon Jinn for your advice and patience with my questions. I am grateful for the lack of trolls on this forum!

    Here's the saber:

    Another view:

    And, just for grins and giggles, I put a clear plastic blade from Hasbro's economy build your own lightsaber kit, then placed my saber next to one my son built at Disney World:

    Thanks again!

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    Very nice looking hilt. Right up my alley.

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    Nice job!

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