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Thread: PVC saber first build.

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    Default PVC saber first build.

    Hi everyone, here is the first saber build I am in the process of completing as a birthday present for my daughter. She keeps bringing home Star Wars books from her school library and ESB is one of her favorite movies so at least I know I am raising her right . So after reading, and reading, and reading, (shout out to all the people that take the time to post all the great information on these forums), and drawing I finally came up with a simple design that hopefully she will be super happy with. Last night I started working on the shroud. Next step, sanding. Lots of sanding.

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    I love the shroud design and looks like a pretty solid job cutting it out too. I look forward to seeing how this progresses.

    Is that 1" pipe you are making the main hilt out of?

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    Thank you, and yes it is 1" pvc for the main housing.

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    I'm excited to see what you can do! I love seeing good pvc builds.

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    I was able to make some more progress on the hilt. After lots of sanding, I got the switch holes drilled in the shroud and main hilt body. Also drilled some holes in the pommel for the sound to pass through. After a quick dry fit, gave everything another light sand and took a it apart for painting.


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    While the first coat of paint is drying, I started working on the electronics. Basically just wired up the led and planning on how things are going to fit in the hilt. I used a copper pluming end cap as a heat sink and holder. The sound board is a Hasbro I salvaged from an old Qui-Gon cheapo saber.

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    Here is a test fit after the first coat dried. There were a couple spots that needed a touch up, but overall I'm pretty happy with the color. Now I'm just waiting for the second coat to dry.


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    Just curious what size PVC you use for the whole thing?

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    It's just 1" pvc. The shroud is 1 1/8 I believe.

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    Very nice. I've looked into PVC at my local stores and they don't have a wide variety of diameters and there aren't any sizes that fit snugly over the next size down. It's unfortunate. Love what you're doing though. Super cool.


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