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    I am making my first saber here using the tools. I used the MHS Builder for the hilt and am wondering if I used the correct electronics for a MWS setup.
    My battery pack:
    I have a few questions however. First of all, the MWS 1000 mA BuckPuck is out of stock currently, is there a way to wire it with a resistor (preferably with no soldering)? Also, is it possible to use a AV switch or any other standard electronic parts with the MWS? Lastly, can I add a recharge port such as this one: and if so, how?

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    Yes, you can use a resistor for the LED. I am assuming you are using amber... with two AA batteries, you will need a 1.5 Ohm/2 watt resistor. (it is worth noting that if you decide to go with the buckpuck, you will need 3 AA's to properly drive it)
    The AV switches are momentary switches, and will only work with a no-sound setup if you use a latching converter: (this will require soldering)
    The recharge port is best used with hard-wired Li-ion batteries. With your setup, it would only be useful if you want a kill key. (if you would like help with wiring, I can draw up a simple diagram)
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    Right, so I am actually using a Royal Blue bulb, I guess I have the wrong battery pack then. Could you draw a diagram with the resistor and recharge port?

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