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Thread: Covertec Belt clip and 1000mA MWS Buckpuck not in stock? Can I get them anywhere else

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    Default Covertec Belt clip and 1000mA MWS Buckpuck not in stock? Can I get them anywhere else

    Hi all,

    I'm looking to order my whole saber now but the Covertec Belt clip and 1000mA MWS Buckpuck are not in stock. Can I get these anywhere else or are they exclusive to the store?

    Or does anyone perhaps have some they wouldn't mind selling me?

    Thanks in advance all, your advice has really helped me thus far!


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    I might have a buckpuck for you. It'll have to wait till I can get home to check though.

    I'm in the same boat, my friend. I'm waiting for a Tim to restock his 6" female X female extensions, both the regular and the fluted.

    I'm glad so many people are getting into the saber scene, but I lack the patience to wait for the parts I need. lol

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    I know we'd all like to help out here, but these forums are attached to Tim's store. From the forum guidelines:

    Banned Items:
    Soliciting sales – Sales are not allowed on the forums! Tim does not condone any buying or selling, both publicly and via PMs. Remember, he CAN read all of your private messages. This includes linking to eBay for your own sales (without Tim's approval).
    You will need to find another avenue of communication for such activity.
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    if i find it, i was just gonna mail it to him free of charge.

    *edit- i should have been clear that i didn't plan on selling it to him in my first post....sorry about that.
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    Sorry everyone, I didn't mean to cause trouble. Anyone know when they'll be in stock then?

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    Tim probably doesn't have an exact date yet.
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