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Thread: Trying to build me first saber

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    Default Trying to build my first saber

    Hi guys!

    After reading the forums a few days I decided to build my own lightsaber
    I don't have high standards for this saber, I will mostly stare at my hilt and pray to it or so ^^
    I have read the noob-thread but I still have some questions.

    First of all, I am from Austria (you know, Wiener Schnitzel ) and I only found one post in the forums, saying that the shipping to UK was ~60$ which I am ok with, I just want to know if it is still the price for international shipping.
    My second question is, is it possible to paint the saber parts with black/grey paint from an aerosol can and sand it down again so that it looks like its wheathered? Or are there better techniques to do this?
    Then I have a few questions about the parts, here's a list with the parts I would buy.
    this bladeholder with a heatsink
    this extension, just to make the saber a little bit longer
    this hilt, but unfortunately I don't really get what switch/hole I should take
    this pommel, I think I need something to cover the bottom too?
    And ofc I would by the parts explained in the noob guide, but I'm not really sure what battery pack/holder I should buy. And if I buy a battery pack, is there a possibility to charge it with austrian/german sockets?
    And what exactly is the purpose of the drill and tap set and the tap handle linked in the guide? I assume the drill is a normal 8mm drill for steel? I would be happy to get some clarifications about this and hope to buy my stuff very soon

    Best regards,
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    You can certainly paint your parts with spray paint and sand it down for a weathered appearance. See this video for one method:

    You will want a pommel insert and an MPS clip to hold the insert in place. and

    You'll need to choose your switch first, and then get a hole that is appropriately sized for it. If you are going with a simple stunt (no sound) saber, then you'll want a latching switch. If you're going for a sound build, then most of the boards will use a momentary. You can choose whatever switch that you feel will look the best for your saber. The drill and tap set is for people who wish to drill their own switch holes and thread them. You can always have TCSS do that work for you. See here for drill and tap services:

    You should be able to get an adapter to allow you to use the li-ion chargers with your outlet.

    I would recommend reading through the tutorials on the site a few times to get a feel for the electronics work involved. It'll serve you well when it comes time to order parts.
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    Thanks for the answers!
    I think I will read a few other threads and then I'll order my parts. Building a basic saber shouldn't be that difficult.


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