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Thread: Iain's Rahm Kota costume

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    Default Iain's Rahm Kota costume

    Boots from costumebase. Belt by My Wicked Armor. Bandoleer by beavercreekjedi of Civilized Galactic Gear. Tabbards and capes and tunic by my wife working from Koda Vonnor's pictures. The breast plate is EVA as are the vambraces. The slides are again to Koda Vonnor's design but he used aluminum. I had to use cardboard and balsa wood. The shoulder bells are papier mache reinforced with polyester resin then steel putty for car body work. The chest and shoulder pieces are attached to a body harness using velcro and straps and buttons and poppa studs.

    Here is a link for photos:

    I'm recovering from an operation and I've put on too much weight to wear the costume. I can go back to the gym next week so with a bit of luck and effort I will be able to post pics of me in the costume by the end of April.

    I'm going to wrap the saber in leather but I won't do tsuka-me just yet. Need more practice.

    Many thanks to Bill (Koda Vonnor) for his assistance and support.
    Just a guy with a lightsaber and some questions.

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    Looks nice, mate! I'm sure you'll recover soon, take it easy

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    Late update. Finished it. Took it to FedCon 2015 in Germany. This is more like the "Mandalore" cheat code version in the game:

    Bandoleer by Civilized Galactic Gear aka beavercreekjedi. Boots by costumebase.

    The chest plate needs more work and the saber does not have the Tsuka-me wrap.
    Just a guy with a lightsaber and some questions.

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    That looks great! I love it.

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    Nice job. Looks like you had fun.
    Would a lightsaber switchblade be redundant?

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    That's a really good looking costume. Very convincing.

    A Jedi uses the Force for knowledge and defense, never for attack.

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    Very cool Nice work.

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    Your body type and face are much more accurate to the character than mine are.
    Great job. You need to tell me how you coloured your hair white.

    ~ vonnor
    It's not how you move your saber...
    it's how you move yourself.

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    Cully Fredricksen said the same thing! "You look more like Kota than I do!" Would have been better coming from George Lucas!! Professional stage makeup artist used a spray paint gun to paint my hair and beard with some kind of paint. With his poor English and my poor German I couldn't get any more details.
    Just a guy with a lightsaber and some questions.

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    I found this on internet:
    one day color spray hair, and it take off on first shower.


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