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Thread: Need help wiring a charging indicator LED

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    Default Need help wiring a charging indicator LED

    I'm working on the wiring schematic for my first build and I'm trying to figure out how to wire a charging indicator.

    7.4V battery pack (2x 14650 Li-Ion)
    1000mA buckpuck (4 wire)
    Green Cree Star LED module+heatsink
    Green latching AV switch (power indicator)
    Green accent LED (charging indicator)
    Switchcraft recharge port
    2x 220Ω ? 1/4W resistors

    I want the AV switch to light when the kill key is removed and the blade LED to ignite with the latching switch pressed which is represented in my diagram. I only want the accent LED to be on when the saber is charging, but off when a plastic kill key is inserted or when the saber is in use. My diagram shows an "always on" setup for the accent LED which is not what I want. How do I wire the accent light to only be on when a metal charging jack is inserted in the port, charging or otherwise?

    Wiring Guide 03.jpg

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    The recharge port can't distinguish between plastic and metal jacks. It's theoretically possible to build a circuit that would detect when the battery is being charged, but there's no simple method of wiring that will accomplish this. You'll need to either design your own charging detector circuit, or find a schematic on the internet, and then build it yourself.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Silver Serpent View Post
    ... there's no simple method of wiring that will accomplish this.
    That's what I had figured. Thanks Serpent, I think I'll just wire it in line with the blade LED.

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