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Thread: My First REAL Saber Build...hoping for some advice

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    Default My First REAL Saber Build...hoping for some advice

    Hello everyone,
    A long time ago I used to have a huge collection of Master Replica sabers. I used to convert them and kept them for personal use. Unfortunately in order to save my house I had to sell them along with many of my other collectable's. Things have changed over the years and I am better off from a financial stand point so instead of re buying every saber I once sold I am currently buying parts to make my own saber. Provided TCSS gets all the parts I require in stock, I should have everything I need by the end of February. The last saber I made was rather basic and it was also about 7 years ago. Needless to say a lot in the way of technology has changed since then. lol

    Right now while I am waiting on parts I decided to go ahead and make the wiring diagram. So far I think I have everything done properly however I was hoping for some community help. I was hoping for feedback on the following...
    - Double checking for the correct resistors
    - Wiring for the Power and A/V switch (I would like the Power LED to constantly be lit)
    - Any input as to moving wires around...possibly soldering underneath the board to save on space

    Due to lack of room I'm posting the values for the 5mm LED here.

    Red Forward Voltage (Vf): 2.4V
    Green Forward Voltage (Vf): 3.4V
    Blue Forward Voltage (Vf): 3.4V
    Forward Current (If): 20mA

    Much thanks in advance to any one who can take the time and offer any help. ^-^
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