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Thread: Chassis Designs and ideas

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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeC13 View Post
    I LOVE that crystal chamber! Parts details please.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CET View Post
    I LOVE that crystal chamber! Parts details please.
    Thank you.

    The crystal mounts and a couple other bits were machined on my little lathe. The ball-shaped bits are micro ball ends from my r/c truck parts hoard. The ends are MHS chassis disk #2. And brass tubing for wire passage and spacers.

    I disassembled it last night in a quest for more room inside my hilt. I managed to shorten it almost 1/4", but it still looks pretty much the same as before. I'm coming to the realization that even a 1/16th of an inch can make or break a successful assembly!
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    I know what you mean. I've only built two sabers so far and I'm investigating how to ditch my JST connectors.

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    Since learning of this thread & deciding to build a chassis for my saber, I have been waiting to post something here & that time has come!

    I still have yet to put the electronics (speaker, recharge port, panasonic 18650 & Nano Biscotte) in it, but the design of the chassis is complete. This will be going inside a MHS based Starkiller replica. The main Crystal Chamber has a focusing & power crystal in it & the secondary chamber (which will be hidden under the grip) holds an Ultima Pearl for now, I may change this up later so this chamber will remain unlit

    For those interested, here is my Parts list (all TCSS):
    4-40 threaded rods & nuts
    Aluminum 3/16" OD tube for the spacers
    4 Petite Crouton discs (used for the Crystal Chambers - 2 each)
    2 Nano Biscotte/18650 discs
    Recharge Port disc assembly
    Speaker Holder v4

    The Crystals & Sphere came from a local/online shop

    Really happy with how this turned out, but would love to hear your input!
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    My latest MHS Chassis, it locks into the blade holder via a gender changer and a 1.2" double female below blade holder. I had to modify that area internally to get my switches and chassis disk 5 to lock in while still allowing room for my switch wires/LED wires to route through the CC:

    This one has a red, green, and blue 5mm LEDs mounted in the lowest RC Port Chassis Ring, near speaker holder 4. They get great shine through on the clear chassis disks! It looks great.

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    Nihilus, saber above was inspiration for this chassis:

    "Let the past die."

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    Here are a couple mods i made to the MHS speaker mount V6 for a customer:

    Cover to hide wiring

    Custom center section and end cap with kill switch to fit a Heiland flash tube.

    And how close it fits

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    wishing there was an acrylic disc for the pico crumble

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    Quote Originally Posted by Play3er2 View Post
    wishing there was an acrylic disc for the pico crumble
    The chassis disk for the Nano Biscotti also works for the Pico Crumble.

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    Has anybody built a chassis to hold a CFX and go in a Saberforge hilt? my inside diameter is 1.12 and the discs listed for the CFX say they are 1.25. Would there be enough disc to shave them down enough to fit my hilt?


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