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Thread: NB V1 PLI/AV wiring question.

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    Default NB V1 PLI/AV wiring question.

    I have a NB V1 saber that I'm preparing to upgrade with a crystal pommel by use of a color-changing, flashing accent led. The saber has reverse sound, so there's room for the crystal pommel. But I'd also like to have an illuminated AV switch. I might have figured out a way to do that, maybe. Can't I hook one up as a power-on-indicator and the other as a PLI? I'm thinking that Tim's DynaOhm resistors would work for each. But if I splice in between the recharge port and the board, so the component will only come on when the kill key is pulled, won't that limit current to the board? For this approach to work, if it even will, shouldn't I maybe connect it in parallel from the positive side of the recharge port and then splice back in just in front of the battery's negative terminal? Can somebody possibly advise me about this? If this won't work, I'll wire the crystal pommel as the power-on-indicator and use a glow-in-the-dark dot to demark a non-illuminated AV. My heartfelt thanks for any assistance!

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    Yes, wire the accent LEDs in parallel. You can wire it parallel with the board to act as a general power-on indicator, or parallel with the blade LED to mirror blade functions.
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