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Thread: Ideas for future videos

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    Default Ideas for future videos

    Post here, your suggestions for future video tutorials on the TCSS YouTube Channel

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    I'd like to see a video demonstrating some unconventional and more custom switch setups.

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    PVC Chassis Construction ideas/suggestions

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    Li ion safety and tips on making your own packs, a new MHS builder tutorial (Rob, your RICE tutorials come to mind), sound card levels, maybe talk more about the various cards available from TCSS and breakdown their features. Just a few thoughts. Have you considered a panel of smiths in a Skype or google hangouts session similar to what TPLA hosts?

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    The Chassis idea would be amazing with the acrylics X3
    Elegance doesn't compromise functionality.

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    Great ideas so far!
    I hear "Crystal Chassis" a lot, so I may plan out something using the TCSS disks etc.

    I'm not sure I would do a vid on building Lithium Ion packs. I do my own from time to time. But with the risks involved I would hate to be misunderstood, or give incomplete info leading to someone's mistake. Plus- I know there are some tutorials out there already.

    Sound cards - check.

    I also plan to do something with the momentary tactile switches.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Madcow View Post
    Great ideas so far!

    I also plan to do something with the momentary tactile switches.
    I realize this may be proprietary information, but if you could give some tips or tricks to create switches like you do, I would be thrilled. I love your "high on the hilt" switch setups. I also am a huge fan of the light coming from underneath the switch thing you do, too. Again, I know you sell this stuff for a living, and I understand if you want to retain your artistic secrets.

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    How about something comparing the various blade styles that TCSS offers (Corbin-style, Trans-white, etc.)? I watched and enjoyed your blade durability test video. I'd like to see a more in depth comparison of the blade styles. Maybe it could be tied in with blade construction techniques for those who want to roll their own using materials that TCSS offers.

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    The blade idea is really good. In regards to mad cow style switches, the way Rob does them can be difficult. Rob, maybe you should cover a sililar technique using the 3d printed switch rings Tim sells.


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