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    I imagine this is going to be something requiring some trial and error, but I'm hoping to find a good pipe/tube that will slide (hopefully snug) over a 1-1/2" sink tube.
    I'm already planning on sliding a sink tube over a hilt I'm building but I want another layer to slide over that. If this isn't a perfect world and there isn't a pipe that would fit that well, I'm sure I could improvise. Just figured I'm probably not the first one that wanted to add more than 1 layer to an MHS hilt.

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    Check the plumbing section of your local hardware store. There is a size of PVC that fits perfectly over 1.5" sink tube. With a proper paint job, you won't even notice that it's PVC. See #11, Palea Dei. I built that one with MHS, 1.5" sinktube, and a layer of PVC over it. Still running strong.
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    I think I might already own some of that but I don't have any metal sink tube or MHS parts so it's hard to guess. I'm going to wait until I get MHS parts before I start buying new tube. Sure, I might find something that fits over a sink tube, but then there's always a chance that the tink tube won't fit on my hilt. Less headache to wait, me thinks.



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